The Concept of 7000GB:

A human body is no longer a pre-requisite to influencing others online. 

You can shop, work, meet, eat, influence, escape and be remembered for eternity through bytes of data on the internet. 

Your data is not the product, you are.


Hector's extensive experience in photography, branding and advertising means that he understands both sides of the story.  His passion for content - in text and images - allows to voice a brand's commercial goals in custom content projects that inspire. From concept creation to international production, Hector offers creativity, perseverance and originality.


Hector creates visual art. He started instinctively tearing out images that caught his eye in all the magazines that crossed his hands. He set to work with scissors, glue, paint, markers and his own photography to recreate a very personal atmosphere and composition. Besides collages, he also creates clothing and is a cinematographer. 

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