Our Events 

Behind the Scenes in Music

In this panel we discussed what goes on behind the scenes in music, everything from branding, multi-disciplinary teams and what the future of advertising and partnerships looks like. 


Emem Adjah: Monetization Strategy for Spotify
LahGhost: Art Director for Universal Music
Luis Mota: Senior A&R for Columbia Records.

Hosted by Devante Mowatt. 

Digital Media in the Music Industry

In this panel we discussed what goes on in the digital side of music. Everything from design, screenwriting, the future of digital marketing  and what the future of music looks like post COVID-19.


Fahmeed Abdullah: Motion Graphics for 300 Ent.
Christian Breslaur: Independant Director
Harley Fitzsimons: Designer for Universal

Hosted by Hector Diaz-Sanchez. 

The Roots of my Storytelling

In this panel we followed three distinct perspectives of storytelling in attempt to unpack personal experiences, connection and identity —through art and creative expression.


Frishta Bastan: Writer & Performer
Donisha Prendergast: Filmmaker and Speaker
Salma Hindy: Stand Up Comedian

Hosted by Deena Nina. 

Monetize Your Creative 2.0

Our second panel series, this was open to the public via ZOOM call and was a great
In this panel we discussed monetization structures for three different creative mediums. Music, acting and freelance content creation. 


Kiana Jami - Independent Musician 

Zahra Bentham - Actress 

Saira Arshad - Freelance Content Creator 

Hosted by Deena Nina 

Monetize Your Creative

Our initial pilot panel. This was hosted at Artscape Daniel's Launchpad with a full room reservation and live audience. We hosted 40 attendees and discussed topics such as how to find freelance clientele, networking and the importance of not undervaluing yourself. 


Mirela Zdjelaric - Freelance Designer 

Wendy Wei - Photographer

Flora Yin - Art Director

Hosted by Deena Nina

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